Sensory urban public bathing concept

Bathing does not necessarily involve water, according to Esmé Macleod.
She imagined a concept of sensory urban public bathing spots that would give people the opportunity to “spontaneously bathe” whilst walking down a street or waiting at a bus stop by appreciating the sights, smells, sounds or touch sensations that occur naturally in the city.


Signs on the streets indicate the presence of bathing spots and display dots which colour indicates the type of bath: red is for sights experience, blue for sounds, yellow for smells and green for feelings. People would activate directional sound and vibration by stepping on the “sensory” spot and be enveloped, bathing in sounds and feelings of the city and beyond. Live sound is transmitted to the sound envelopes using existing radio and satellite technology. This would allow to transmit internationally – enabling sounds from abroad to be heard here.