Artissima 2013 – From stumbling bankers to floating factory

0i1jimmydesana8316_b.jpgJimmy De Sana, Cigarette, 1979. Wilkinson Gallery, London

Final post about Artissima, Turin’s contemporary art fair. Once again, i’m merely going to format and paste as many photos as i can stomach and add sporadic comment.

I’m leaving aside the purely decorative artworks (well… kind of as the limber lady above these lines will attest) and focus on art that has bite and a story to tell.

I approach fairs in the most disorderly, most inept way. I hop from one booth to another, zoom in on a work i think i can recognize from afar, pay too little attention to the names of the artists (that’s when the gallerists actually bother to add a label next to the works) and end up missing art pieces that would otherwise have been among my favourite. That’s how i walked passed Danilo Correale‘s The Warp and the Weft hanging tartans.

I think Correale is one of the most exciting artists right now. For a number of years, the artist has been investigating the rites, gestures and codes of the global financial system.

Each of the tartans he was showing in Turin was woven using the colours of the logos of the 5 most powerful financial institutions in geographical areas where they exert the most powerful influence: North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. The higher the assets of a financial corporation in an area, the stronger its chromatic presence in the fabric.

0a7a_correale_installation_view2.jpgDanilo Correale, The Warp and the Weft, 2012. Supportico Lopez, Berlin. Photo art agenda

0Danilo_001.jpgDanilo Correale, The Stumble N.1, 2012. Courtesy Raucci/Santamaria Gallery Naples

0a1danilo15926_b.jpgDanilo Correale, The Stumble N.2, 2012. Courtesy Raucci/Santamaria Gallery Naples

I actually discovered the artist through his photography-based work such as The Stumble which attempts to give a glimpse of the human beings hiding behind the stern facade of financial capitalism.

On their way to physical downfall, they appear as fragile and faulty as the economical system. I almost feel sorry for them.

0paciTheColumnoriginal.jpgAdrian Paci, The Column, 2013

Adrian Paci‘s video and photos were showing the transformation of a block piece of marble from the moment of its extraction in a Chinese quarry to a classical column. The process doesn’t take place in a workshop but on a cargo ship. To ensure that the column will arrive as fast as possible to its final destination (Paci’s gallery in Paris), sculptors carved and worked along the way, during the long weeks of transport by sea, to give the piece of rock its final form.

The Column is an extraordinary demonstration of the extent to which today’s capitalistic laws of profit will go: merging manufacturing time with transport time.


0i1ronamira64d_b.jpgRon Amir, Nashaat, 2010. Hezi Cohen Gallery

0a16  Nashaat, Mhamad and Nunu, 2011,inkjet print, 110X140 cm-.jpgRon Amir, Nashaat, Mhamad and Nunu, 2011

In his series Invisible Presence, Israeli artist Ron Amir photographed the sleeping quarters in which Arab workers are living during the night. These are located on the very construction sites where the men work during the day.

0a1ilovezagreb67_b.jpgSlaven Tolj, Volim Zagreb (I love Zagreb), video still, 2008

0Slaven4lovezageb.jpgSlaven Tolj, Volim Zagreb (I love Zagreb), video still, 2008

I love Zagreb was a reference to the performance Zagreb I love you by Tomislav Gotovac from 1971. In slightly warmer attire.

I mentioned Nikolaus Gansterer recently. Here he is again, i just can’t help it:

0thingkimatterlecture11b_b.jpgNikolaus Gansterer, The Thinking Matters Lecture

0Bethlehem, T62, 2010 copy.jpgFrancesco Jodice, What We Want, Bethlehem, T62, 2010. Podbielski Contemporary

0Jerusalem, R31, 2010 copy.jpgFrancesco Jodice, What We Want, Jerusalem, R31, 2010.

Since 1995, Francesco Jodice has been researching how landscape is shaped and seen as a projection of people’s desires.

Images without comment:

0h.sarkissian-jesser_baghdad_2010_1.jpgHrair Sarkissian, Untitled No. 2, 2010 (Kalfayan Galleries, Athens – Thessaloniki)

0a1georgerousse0e59f_b.jpgGeorges Rousse, Torino

0ThemptylandEL5.jpgAhmed Mater, The Empty Land, 2012. From Desert of Pharan series (ATHR gallery)

Ahmed Mater: Desert of Pharan / Ground Zero. 2011 – 2013, Video composed of mobile phone footage by construction workers in Makkah

0a1biotope09_b.jpgClaudia Losi, Biotope VI, detail

0i1simultaneous50e93_b.jpgSteven Pippin, Simultaneous, 50 50

0a1pippinf04b_b.jpgSteven Pippin, Non Event

0a1deathplunge1ee_b.jpgGilbert & George, Death Plunge

0a7cardrawing3774_b.jpgRuth Proctor, Car Drawing 1

0barry reigatelarge.jpgBarry Reigate, Equation 9, 2013. Galerie Alex Daniels

0aaclownclown.jpgMarcus Harvey, Clown and Skull


Look! Visitors even had easy access to smoking spaces:


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