Arrived in Berlin yesterday and headed straight to the UDK to meet the students of the Digital Media Class. Jussi Angesleva made me talk to them about my blogging activities. How weird! It suddenly felt like a serious enterprise.

They are working on loads of cool projects over there (see reflective stencils, pongmechanik, Take Heart, fun with Ikea chairs, etc.).

I also discovered omnivisu (see also here), an urban installation, by Willy Sengewald und Richard The, that had been designed for a facade at the S/U station Warschauer Str. which is “not only a symbol of the desolated GDR–industries. It is a relict of the new–economy boom and its ending as well as the arrival of MTV and Universal.”


The tower at the the S/U station has an odd glass cube on the top and the artists decided to give it eyes. The passersby could participate by looking inside the box. Their eyes were then projected onto the glass–front of the tower, making it look like the head of a robot with ever changing and personalized eyes. The project was an attempt to make “street–art that anybody can influence and use playfully.”