Arphid sound performances in the metro

Arphield Recordings documents impromptu arphid sound performances produced by people scanning their Oysters cards as they access London tube stations. In the project, the field recordings are focused on the sampling of sounds produced by the use of arphid (rfid) technology (cards and readers) complemented by digital processing involving sampling and synthesis from the source, speculating on the ad infinitum convergence of arphid tags and readers into an endless symphony of sound surveillance and compliance.


Contribute to the project by downloading the arphield recordings and visiting the station gates with the sounds on a portable music player to experience a mix of live and prerecorded oyster beeps.

Another way of participating is by contributing arphield recordings from a tube station access control gate. You can do this by opening an account and uploading your recordings, tagging them as arphieldRecording followed by the number unique to your oyster card (as in arphieldRecordings-0503266130-03)

The next arphid mob will happen at the Stockwell tube station, South London, on June 10 at 2 pm. Download the arphield Recordings podcast and bring the sounds on a music player.

Created by Paula Roush, MSDM mobile strategies of display & mediation.

Via networked_performance.