Are consumers keen on Mobile Data?

A study conducted for Nokia by NOP World on how ready consumers are to pay for mobile content revealed that they would pay up to 28 % more for mobile content.

But what content?
The favourite ones are entertainment content and information considered useful while users are “one the move”.

The age issue is significant:
– younger users are more willing to spend extra money on the services,
– service design, marketing and support should be improved in order to tackle the barriers created by technical and attitudinal issues. Older users, less experienced when it comes to Internet use, need greater education and hand-holding.

In general, the preferred delivery method depends on the content. Browsing gets most of the preference, but downloading is seen as best suited for gaming and music while streaming and browsing better fit frequently updated information. As regards local news, the votes go to streaming or downloading.
Nokia forcasts the data market will be worth 70 bn euro by 2008.