Evidence Dolls

For the Evidence Doll research project, Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby have interviewed women about their sexual partners. 100 specially designed dolls were created to provoke discussion amongst a group of young single women about the impact of genetic technology on their lifestyle.


The plastic dolls come in several penis size and were used store the women’s observations by scribbling words that characterize their lover. Headphones allow viewers to listen to the stories of the women.

Evidence Dolls can be seen until 17 October, at D.Day Le Design Aujourd’hui, Centre Pompidou, Paris. Btw, i’ll be in Paris next weekend to see the exhibition. If there are other we-make-money-not-art like events i should see, drop me a line!

Picture 1 stolen at Coping with the world. Picture 2 and 3.