An SMS from Silvio B.

Today, an SMS sent and firmed by the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic reminded all the Italian mobile phone users that tomorrow is election day:

“Elezioni 2004, si vota sabato 12 dalle 15 alle 22 e domenica 13 dalle 7 alle 22. Necessari documento e tessera elettorale”.

“Elections 2004, vote on Saturday 12 from 15 to 22 and on Sunday, from 7 to 22. ID and voting card are required”

The President of the Council, Silvio Berlusconi says the initiatives aims solely at reducing absenteeism: “We know that over 4 million Italians go away during the week-end: I address this invitation to them so that they come back and vote.” Opponents of Berlusconi believe that this initiative is only a (not so) clever form of political campaign. And some Italians feel that their privacy has been violated (besides some of them have received the message in the middle of the night!)


From Tel&Co.