Frogs, scooter, clothes and helmet for AIBO

A team of from ECAL (beware of the dwarfing web page: Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne) collaborated with researcher Frederic Kaplan (also known for his work on curiosity-driven robots) and interaction designer Martino d’Esposito to build a playroom where AIBO could engage in various new learning activities.

0aipen.jpg0scootr.jpgAIBO’s pen and Scooter

After a few days, they came up with a set of smaller objects, toys and infrastructures that included a “universal gripper� with which the robot can pick up everyday objects, a special pen for the robot to doodle, a switch to control lamps and electrical devices, a mirror that takes into account the specific morphology of the robot’s head and the position of its sensors, various toys that jump or can be pushed or pulled, a rocking chair to take a nap, a raincoat, and even a children’s bike. None of these objects contained any technology, but each of them enlarged the robot’s range of possible activities, they acted as some kind of extensions of its body.

0totuee.jpg0babty.jpgAIBO’s turtle clothes and travel system


Objects from the AIBO’s playroom will be presented during the “Intensive Science” exhibition, October, 6th and 7th at La Maison Rouge in Paris.