A new shirt on the football pitch

A Northumbria University student, David Evans, has developped a hi-tech shirt, with in-built pulse and sweat monitors, that alerts managers to footballers’ heart rate and hydration levels.

Sensors record the activity of the heart and dispatch data to a computer. Another sensor on the shirtsleeve allows the bench to communicate with players by sending radio waves to a transmitter that gives off a small vibration and alerts the player to look towards the dug-out.

Silicon gel based strips are connected to the top of the players’ backs and react to sweat loss to monitor hydration levels, indicating when a player is tired or dehydrated and could need to be substituted.

The student has also worked on a football boot with a pressure sensitive insole that informs when the pitch conditions are too hard or soft which could cause unnecessary pressure and injury to the players.


The pic has obviously a remote connection with the story, but he’s so cute.
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