A location-based virtual soap opera

Produced by pervasive game developpers It’s Alive, Supafly is a location-based virtual soap opera in which players have to resort to intrigues and gossip to appear in the online newspaper “Hype” and become a virtual celebrity.
They have to beat competitors, find allies, belong to the right group, and follow the latest fashion trends in order to stay on top.

The game is played by using SMS and MMS. From the Website the player can read the latest gossip in the newspaper, get new clothes or accessories for the character, chat with other players (logged on to the website or connected from their mobile phone), keep track of friends, and check statistic.

The character stays in the mobile phone and – since the game is location-based – it follows the player everywhere, to help him/her find nearby friends or maybe find a date, till a command from the mobile phone orders the character to leave the phone and enters its home on the Web.