A guide for freshmen

Students from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago are working on the “Hawk Tour”, an automated tour system for their campus. The application (combining location-aware tablet PCs and wireless LANs) can indicate to one of the IIT 6000 students where he is, what’s there, and how to get to other places on campus (thanks to a moving map) and an “architectural tour” displays text, pictures, and audio illustrating the history of the buildings.

The Ekahau positioning system is used in combination with the Wi-Fi access-point signals to determine positions of the user.

Wi-Fi positioning can be exploited elsewhere: at the airport, where passengers would be shown how to find specific gates or facilities. Furthermore, location-based advertising can tell them where is the nearest postcard shop or restaurant. Hospitals and manufacturing plants can also benefit from the system to keep track of important assets.
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