EarthMan and AirPort

A bit similar to Harmut Stockter’s Plant Backpack, the EarthMan is a self-contained, self-sustaining bio-environment survival suit featuring a terrarium backpack with organic earth, plants and solar-powered electronics. Theoretically, it can maintain a human in oxygen free, contaminated or otherwise extreme environments, in outer space, and even in the most polluted and unlivable environments on Earth.


EarthMan has a survival pod: the Air Port.

Air Port is (theorically) a self-contained, self-sustaining bio-environment, supplied with air via ducts from an oxygen-generating Waterfall Air Terrarium. An exhaust fan vents out the CO2 in the room to the Waterfall Air Terrarium, and fan and air duct delivers the warm humid oxygenated air of the terr – a simple biosphere exchange system.


Inside The Air Port, Personal Air Stations supply fresh filtered Oxygen via the terrarium, both with an electric fan and medical oxygen mask delivery system. An Air/Water component provides air and water to sustain human beings and other living things.

The roof is oversized to provide a sufficient surface area for rain run-off to supply water for the whole system. Run-off is directed through gutters to a cistern and then on to a row of 5 gallon water bottles with sand and charcoal filters before dripping onward to each component of the installation.

By Texas-based artist Dion Laurent.