Wishes and plans for 2007

2006 has been a fantastic year for the blog and i’d like to thank everyone who reads it, sends tips or kind emails, comments on posts or answers to interviews.

Special thanks to Sascha, Konomi and Peder. I think that the blog makes a big jump in quality each time you post something. Hugs, thanks and many Sacher torte to Max. Happy New Year to all of you!


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Now a few things about what 2007 will be like for we-make-money-not-art:

There will be video reports. I used to work in TV, my best friend is a talented film editor, Sascha’s good at videos and everyone asks me for moving images which makes perfect sense as i often write about interactive installations and products.

Which brings me to the next point: actually there will be less interactive installations unless they propose something more than “images that change shapes and colours when you wave your hand/jump around/sing La Macarena.” No more interactive entertainment but only interactive art. I’m still an awfully incompetent new media art expert but gone are the days when i’d post anything just because it could be activated remotely by a mobile phone.

More bad news (and i’m loosing more and more readers as i’m writing these lines): because new media art has rekindled my interest for contemporary art in general, there will be more art of the “traditional” kind. Actually it won’t be that different, i’ll still talk about art, it will hopefully still be a fun ride, but as time passes it matters less to me whether there’s electronics or bio-reactors involved in the creative process. That said, my focus and passion will still be “artists messing around with technology.”

And (interactive) design? Much the same i guess. The Salone del Mobile in Milan will still be a must stop. I’ll keep on complaining about how boring most of the works shown there are but 5% of what is see at that design porn fair is really good and innovative and i’ll want to share those findings with you. And any interaction design (or design interactions) that is edgy, challenging and brain-twisting will still be on the menu.

But, hey!, if you have any request about what you’d like to read in this blog, any feedback about my blogging plans, or general comments or criticisms, i’d love to hear from you.

Postcard designed by Max. With special appearance from Paul Granjon and Furman, Max’ WoW rogue, a tactical ice cream vendor, Gilda, the Golden Skeleton, my son, a Berlin mobile sausage man, Bruno Peinado‘s The Big One World, Mogens Jacobsen‘s Crime Scene, WKK energy plant by Liesbeth van der Pol, D by Virginie Barré, Formfjord and Blackjune’s Laufbahn, Lydwine Van der Hulst‘s KaskPam, starship strangler, Turkish musical delights, a goose escaped from RCA Design Products department and a rhinoceros.