Music textile

Music textile is a large tactile interface for playing electronic music.

0musictextileee.jpgNavigable score on music textile XYi

The XY position of the performer’s hand contact moving onto the surface of the fabric is transmited to a computeur via a 12 Bytes resolution Midi card. This allows 4000 by 4000 points resolution. Two conductive fabrics are fixed on a frame, each one weaved with conductive threads in a different direction. When the performer presses any point of the textile instrument, the upper layer connects with the fabric underneath and the current eletrical value is sent to the computer. 0musictextttttt.jpg

The videos on the website are pretty impressive. Image gallery.

Developed by Vincent Roudaud and Maurin Donneaud.

Check out the interface during Malaupixel in Paris, the installation will be exhibited at Confluences, on April 16 to 21, 12h-21h.

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