The smaller the telephone gets, the easier it is to communicate, anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

proboxer04.jpgTelephoneboxing, by Allard Roeterink, turns the simple everyday action of making a phone call into a hard-work physical process. In a 20ft container, 10 boxing ball-like buttons are attached to the walls. In order to make a phone call, one puts on boxing gloves and hits the buttons to dial a number. When a connection is made, one has to stand in one specific spot and speak loudly to be heard. The answer can be heard on a spot a few meters further into the container. The calling person will automatically adjust the level of communication to his or her eagerness to talk and/or to his or her physical condition.


Besides, each button makes a different sound, which blasts out of the speakers in the back wall of the container.

More boxing interfaces: Cyclone Uppercut, a boxing game that runs in Virtual Reality Simulators; Punch the video game; punching bag with built-in trainer and ring memorabilia.

Via Ping Mag.