Internet interfaces in the physical world

Attempts to make intangible computer interfaces (in the strict sense) material:

Joe McKay‘s Progress Bar is moved by a stepper motor which is connected to the computer. The computer screen displays a message which changes as the bar gets closer to completion.

progress2.jpgPress Enter to Exit has two mesh screens inside a box, one that’s shaking and one that’s not. This shaking makes the letters shimmer with a moire brilliance that mimics a computer screen. The text comes from the artists’s local deli’s ATM machine.


Via Neural.

See also the Scrollbars by Jan Robert Leegte. The installation isolates elements of the Windows interface, which are in turn projected onto various structures; previously internet-based, the scrollbars moved to physical installations through a desire to develop a more meditative relationship between the audience and the work.


And probably many others that don’t come to my mind now or that I don’t know about.