Voicebox videogame

Players of Organum: The Game navigate through a human voice box using their own voices as game controls.


3 players or more sing into different microphones, each of which controls one of 3 different axes (x, y, z) of movement for a shared on-screen avatar navigating a 3D space. Players guide the avatar at a series of targets. They must decide collaboratively which target to approach and sing together to precisely match all three coordinates.

Individual pitch determines location on each axis. In addition to singing, players can do whatever else is necessary to hit the target: shriek, squeal, grunt, moan, hum, whistle, tag-team off to someone with a lower or higher vocal range.

Authors: Greg Niemeyer, Dan Perkel and Ryan Shaw.

On show at New Langton Arts, San Francisco, 19 to 23 Apr 2005.

Via networked_performance.
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