Retro-futuristic ’80s

UFO was a British SF series set in the near future: 1980.

The Earth is under attack from aliens. A secret organisation called SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) is established to defend our planet against the invaders.


As Wikipedia mentions, the 1969 TV series made a number of predictions about what life in the 1980s would be like, some of which (to an extent) have come true: mobile phones; spacecraft launched from an aircraft; women in a position of authority in the military; extensive use of computers in day-to-day life; voice print identification systems; also, vocal analysis used to identify individuals in the same way as fingerprints; spy satellites, etc.

Several episodes dealt with issues that would become topical in later years, such as space junk and the disposal of toxic waste.

There’s a fabulous list of movie clips. My favourite being a clip from a 1970 UK TV program, in which Sylvia Anderson, one of the producers of the series, promotes the women’s Moonbase outfit as a practical fashion for the future.

Via Bedazzled! and The world of Kane.