UFO study finds no sign of aliens

Britain’s Defence Intelligence Staff have come up with “a reasonably justified explanation” to solve the mystery of UFO.

After a four-year inquiry, they have concluded that most sightings can be explained by a little-understood atmospheric phenomenon.


Glowing “plasmas” of gas are created by charges of electricity. Air flows then sculpt the plasmas into round or cigar-shaped objects which appear to fly at extraordinary speeds through the sky.

Such plasmas can play tricks on the mind, creating vivid impressions. In addition, because plasmas are electrically charged, they can change shape or colour if hit by another energy source, such as a radio signal sent by a UFO spotter. “This has led ‘ufologists’ to imagine that an ‘alien response’ is being given to their signals,” the report adds. As a result, UFO witnesses may not be mad but instead suffering from “extended memory retention and repeat experiences” induced by the plasmas.

The report goes on to recommend that the findings on UFOs could be developed for “novel military applications”, adding that Russia is already investigating such weapons.


It has been a bad year for fans of UFOs and green invaders. Last month, Special effects expert John Humphreys claimed he was one of the hoaxers behind the Roswell incident, footage supposedly showing an autopsy on alien corpses in 1947.

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Via BBC news and The Times.