DIMobile, the travelling retail unit

DIMobile is a 53-foot-long truck that travels throughout the U.S.
When the vehicle arrives at a location in America’s hinterlands it mutates into a futuristic prototype store. With the push of a button, the walls move outward, tripling the floor space.


Rather than display clothing on racks, DIM showcases wares through interactive media. 200 LCD panels, connected to sensors and cameras, serve as front pieces for drawers containing the merchandise. Each drawer has four screens: three show videos of models wearing the clothing, while the top panel displays a portrait of customers. As they pull drawers, an interactive sequence allows them to take a picture of themselves stamped with date and location. Their images also appear on screens elsewhere in the store to create an environment that is both foreign and familiar.


The mobile retail unit won BEST IN CATEGORY for interactive in ID Magazine’s 2005 Design Review.

By interaction and media designer Inbar Barak, architecture �rm LOT-EK, and hardware and software designer Jake Barton.