Urban game with semacodes

GridLockd is an urban game, created by Mohit SantRam, where teams compete to capture grid positions in a half hour.


Loosely based on Othello, a two player game of tiles, the game board is made up of 36 unique semacodes placed within intersection points on a 5 block by 5 block city grid. Using their camera phone to photograph a semacode, the first team to send it to [email protected] will win possession of the intersection.

Whichever team captures a point first claims the intersection but rivals can claim that intersection by capturing two surrounding intersections.

This project is meant to display how semacodes, cameraphones, ad-hoc groups, and social dynamics are effected under time pressure.

The work will be at the Spring Show 2005, on May 10-11, in New York (ITP – 721 Broadway, 4th Floor).