Bicycle for space training

The National Space Biomedical Research Institute is exploring the concept of a bike-like centrifuge to be used by astronauts for inflight resistance-training exercise.


The Space Cycle recreates various levels of gravity ranging from Earth gravity to five times Earth’s gravity. The speed of rotation determines the level of gravitational force.

There’s two participants: one on a bike and the other on a platform. As one person pedals, the cycle moves in a circular motion around a centralized pole. The motion generates pressure on the rider, forcing him against the seat in a manner similar to the effect of gravity on Earth. On the platform, the other person performs squat exercises.

“Space Cycle is an artificial gravity exercise gym,” said Dr. Vincent J. Caiozzo at NSBRI. “The platform can be fitted with a treadmill, bike or any kind of exercise equipment and provides an environment for exercise under normal, Earth-like loading conditions.”

Now if the local gym could get one of those, i might consider investing in a membership (to watch the live show.)

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