Your brain in the mirror

BrainMirror is an interactive installation where the image of the your brain appears mixed with your mirror image, using natural head movement as an interface to explore volumetric visuals of the human brain.

BrainMirror tracks the head movement, and projects the generated brain models on a surface situated 1 meter behind a half transparent mirror making the projection seem to float in the air.


You can find models of brain lobes, sub cortical systems, pathways and centra of the brain with an information overlay pointing out different anatomical parts and describing their functionality, and several volumetric renderings of MRI data.

Volumetric renderings are explored by moving closer to the mirror, using the mirror as a slicing plane. All modes grow as you move closer to the mirror.

A work by Adam Somlai-Fischer(hu) Bengt Sjölén(se) and Danil Lundbäck(se).


Brianmirror is at the Malmö Science Museum, till July 31, Malmö, Sweden.

Thanks Adam.