A day in the life of a defective relationship

Videoboxing is a video performance in which Thomas Heijmans and Eliane Roest from SXNDRX merge video, new media, music, fashion, choreography and physical violence on stage.


The starting point of “Videoboxing” is a collection of sound fragments taken from different moments in a fight between lovers and ex-lovers of cinema and TV. One stage, two boxers, two screens. The screens show images of a man and a woman. Fast and peacefully asleep, each on his and hers own screen. When the boxing match starts, the man and woman come to life on their screens to take it out on each other verbally. As the physical fight progresses on stage, the audience realizes that the boxers are this man and woman on the screens.

With every succesful blow, irritation and tension rises on screen. Every well placed hit decides the intensity of the verbal violence between the two. They argue about anything and anywhere: in bed, on the streets, in a restaurant. Until the inability to communicate leads to the physical and emotional knock-out. Man and woman in a match with no clear winner or loser. Until the next confrontation arises.

More boxing: Telephoneboxing, Cyclone Uppercut, a boxing game that runs in Virtual Reality Simulators; Punch the video game; punching bag with built-in trainer and ring memorabilia.

Teleboxing is part of Sonarama , a selection of concerts, installations, and presentations that focus on the latest developments in new media. At the SONAR festival, 15, 16 and 17 June, Barcelona.