Robots learn ‘robotiquette’ rules

Researchers are working out the rules for a future code of social behaviour in human-robot interaction, reports the BBC.
“By playing games, like pass-the-parcel, a University of Hertfordshire team is finding out how future robot companions should react in social situations.
The study’s findings will eventually help humans develop a code of social behaviour in human-robot interaction.
“We are assuming a situation in which a useful human companion robot already exists,” said Professor Kerstin Dautenhahn, project leader at Hertfordshire.
“Our mission is to look at how such a robot should be programmed to respect personal spaces of humans. The research also focuses on human perception of robots, including how they should look, and how a robot can learn new skills by imitating a human demonstrator.
The work is part of the European Cogniron robotics project, and was on show at London’s Science Museum.”