Tim Pritlove was not only organising and talking at the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress, he also found the time to interview some of the speakers of the congress for the Chaosradio Express podcast series. There’s a german intro but interviews are in english. In Episode #11, Joi Ito talks about his way into the digital media and communications world, hackers, 22C3 and being a DJ in Chicago. There are also interviews of Eric Blossom (GNU Radio), Jacob Appelbaum and one of me (you can skip that one). Was big fun discussing with you too, dear Tim.


I’m also babbling about the blog with Chris in De:Bug‘s latest issue (the mag is excellent and so cheap that i buy it even if i cannot really read german.)

Talking about De:Bug, the interview of John Maeda that Sascha made for the magazine is now online (and in english). Maeda talks about the Simplicity project, politics, big leaps that we are waiting for and why everything has been only a rehersal so far.

‘s mobtagging workshop has moved to February the 15th and 16th. Guest speakers for this workshop are Jyri Zengestrom and everyone’s favourite Hobby Princess.

Image is from Frédéric Eyl and Sigrídur Kristín Sæmundsdóttir’s Obscuritat project. You’ve got until the 8th of January 2006 to check the installation at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona.