What happens when bunnies play with people?

Jed Berk‘s Transitional Species project is a body of networked objects that interact with its environment, each other and an audience. These projects are developed around an evolving object-based biotope using principles of biomimetics.

0circuitbunn.jpgPCBunny is a circuit board in the shape of a jumping bunny. The circuit translates PWM from a ultra sonic range finder into varying degrees of luminosity. When a person or object approaches the PCBunny it becomes brighter (glowing white LEDs). As the person walks away the bunny circuit dimes again.

0bousey.jpgBousey is a junkbot hack using an analog computer mouse that is turned into a light seeking bunny robot. The baby bunny houses the circuitry.

Berk combined all his bunnies in an installation called n(L)ight life biotope


3 PCBunnys and 3 Bouseys are placed in a “biotope” where people will be able to engage and dialog with them. When a person approaches the PCBunny, it glows brighter. The Bousey will seek out this light source by moving towards it. As people interact with the objects, they all respond to each others presence. Each ‘Transitional Species’ object will demonstrate the same habit (respond to light and react to close proximity) but each object will carry out variations in its behaviors.

See also his delightful Float-A-Pet, an illuminated inflatable pet collar with smart sensor and locative technology.

Another of Jed Berk’s work, geeseNeck, will be part of exhibition that will be opening on Friday August 18, at the UCI Beal Centre in Los Angeles.

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