Acoustic suite

Suite is an exhibition of three sound-centred works located around the public areas of the Great Eastern Hotel in London.

Acoustic Structure – Daniel Liden and George Walker, of Studio111, have built, in the hotel’s foyer, a wall of improvised listening devices which explore how sounds are perceived within a given space.

album_pic.php.jpegInterception: The Alternative Hotel Experience – Josette Chiang, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, and Taryn Takahashi collected sound samples from the hotel, in the kitchen, laundry and staff room, and edited fragments of conversation and interviews. The collage of sounds and visuals will be played through TV channels and phone lines used by the guests staying at the hotel, as well as through a TV screen in a public area of the hotel.

Terminal – Calling at Liverpool Street Station: Then & Now – Marcus Woxneryd’s piece, at the second and third floor of the rotunda area of the hotel, is triggered by the presence and movements of passers-by. Fragments of sound are layered according to the number of people present, and the results are represented by projected sound-wave patterns on the walls.

Suite will be shown at the Great Eastern Hotel from 25th February until Friday 18th March 2005.

Brilliant, brilliant, I’ll definitely go to London in early March.

An Art Happens event.

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