3D scents

When fragrance is used in spatial designs, it is mostly for branding purposes or for suggestive advertising (e.g. pumping the smell of coffee out onto a street to lure people into a shop).

Scents of Space , by Haque Design and Research, tries to explore the potentials for developing evocative and memorable experiences using the sense of smell. This interactive smell system allows for 3D placement of fragrances without dispersion, enabling the creation of dynamic olfactory zones and boundaries.

Airflow within the space is generated by an array of fans. Moving air is then controlled by a series of diffusion screens to provide smooth and continuous laminar airflow. Computer-controlled fragrance dispensers and careful air control enable parts of the space to be selectively scented without dispersing through the entire space.


The system will be part of the Siggraph “Tangible/Ambient Media” exhibition.