Zen-sorial car

More on the “Rinspeed Senso“, the car that “senses” the driver by measuring her/his biometric data, and then uses colors, music and fragrances to put the driver in a state of relaxed attentiveness


Sensors collect data about the driver’s condition. A biometric Polar watch measures the driver’s pulse and a “Mobile Eye” camera records the driving behavior.

Then a board computer evaluates the data and on that basis, the system sends various impulses: four Sharp LCD monitors will emit stimulating (orange/yellow), relaxing (blue/violet) or neutral (green) color patterns into the driver’s line of vision. They are integrated into the interior paneling, which lights up and bathes the cockpit in dazzle-free ambient light.

The optical stimuli are reinforced by especially composed sounds stored on a computer.

But wait! The nose is stimulated by scents which flow into the car through the ventilators. Vanilla-mandarin has a calming effect, while citrus-grapefruit is stimulating. And should the central computer establish any symptoms of tiredness, electric motors integrated in the seat will shake the driver awake by vibrating.

Via Jalopnik, who else?

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