NetAibo project

The NEtROBOt project aims to establish a new concept of communication over the Internet, getting a feel of existence in the virtual world by using an actual robot “AIBO” as interface.


3D models of AIBO are displayed on a web page, and the physical AIBO reflects the communication of the AIBOs in the web 3D world. You can operate AIBO avatars on the Internet, and you can also make a music session with two or more other avatars by typing and hitting keys.

NEtROBOt uses “un-simultaneous session system”, in which players do not need to operate in “real-time”. You can play sounds and add on the past log.

If you make your actual AIBO dance manually, the virtual AIBO will synchronize and dance (AIBO2PC). A reverse flow (PC2AIBO), i.e., “AIBO operation on your screen, -> operation of actual AIBO” works similarly. AIBOs which met on the network can enjoy a dance and a music session as a “dance battle. The motion and sound will be recorded on a server as a log, and will be used in a session with the player of the future un-simultaneously.

Photon started NEtROBOt started in April 2002, and today there are hundreds of thousands of players.

Videos on the website.

NEtROBOt Project is exhibited at “META VISUAL:10e Anniversaire du Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography”, Centre des Arts, Enghien-Les-Bains, through December 18, 2005.