Microwave gun could end high-speed police chases

Eureka Aerospace is developing the High Power Electromagnetic System, a technology that would disable cars using bursts of microwave energy.

“Basically, since the 1970s, every car is built with some sort of microprocessor-controlled system — like the ignition control and fuel pump control a lot of vital car systems,” explains James Tatoian, CEO of Eureka. “If you introduce a parasitic current into their wires, it leads to a power surge which in turn burns out those microprocessors.”


Once the car’s chips are disabled, the vehicle will slow to a halt, allowing security forces to approach and apprehend the driver.

Others companies have developed similar concepts before but Tatoian believes his system can boast more power, portability and usability.

“It’s still in development stages, but the system is about 200 pounds in total weight. It will fit in a car with the [microwave] antenna mounted on the roof,” says Tatoian. “It’s also worthwhile to say that produces about 10 to 15 kilovolts per meter.”

Via ABC News and Wired.
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