Seamless fashion show 2

Christine Liu and Nick Knouf put on the seamless fashion show last May at MIT (blogged here , the needy dress, fatJab, Nomad Pneumatics, aetherspace, etc.)

In a few weeks they’re doing a 2nd rendition of seamless (same idea, new stuff, same city, new venue) on February 1, 2006, in conjunction with the Boston Museum of Science in their When science meets art series.


They will showcase new, experimental projects (mostly student designers) in the intersection of fashion, culture, the body, and technology.

Picture shows the wonderful Red Hats that Bea Camacho presented at the first seamless show. I also found this video of Bea’s Enclose eleven-hour performance. During the performance she crocheted herself into a cocoon with red yarn. The project is about concealment, self-preservation, isolation and duration.