Ernesto Neto in Malmö

Ernesto Neto creates organic-shaped installations using stretchable fabrics in nylon or cotton. Sometimes they are filled with scented spices and hang like huge stockings from the ceiling, sometimes he creates soft sculptures which the visitor is allowed to feel through small openings in the surface. He also builds soft labyrinths which the visitor can enter and experience.

neto_venus-blue-cave-int.jpg01165a3e1011046030.jpgWalking in Venus Blue Cave and Humanoids, both 2001

For Malmö Konsthall in Sweden, the Brazilian artist created a new work called The Malmö Experience. A huge “organic labyrinth” of fabrics and shapes invites visitor to experience the work from both inside and outside. The exhibition is based on the colours of the rainbow and the body labyrinth/organism consists of a number of smaller spaces which together constitute the whole.

102380906_94d69ed2d8.jpg102380901_fc1734ae3d.jpgWebs and The Pit, 2006

The Malmö Experience runs until 1 May 2006 at the Malmö Konsthall, Sweden.

Big thanks to Per Nilsson who allowed me to steal his pictures for the post.

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