“Magical Tools” for 3D Drawing and Painting

Takeo Igarashi, one of the creators of the software tool for smooth shape manipulations (the one regine mentioned the other day), has been working on a number of very interesting 3D projects. I cannot help talking about his series of works on 3D authoring tools including Teddy (now commercialized as Magical Sketch 2.)

[smooth teddy allows you to easily draw and paint in 3D. download]

Teddy is one of the most well-known works of his, which allows users to create 3D models just by drawing freeform strokes. Such a 3D authoring method could allow anyone to create 3D objects and effectively support creative processes of making 3D characters and objects. Look what kids made using Magical Sketch 2.

Let’s say you just finished drawing a man using Teddy and want to paint him pink and dress him up. Igarashi’s other software tools can help you (see Chameleon and Sweater). If you think he should dance, please visit Squirrel. Also, Chateau is a tool that can be used to make buildings and houses.

I’d hope to see his ideas and tools integrated into a software package I can buy and use.