Swiss milking stools you’d want for your apartment

Well, rather in your garden.

An art exhibition of Swiss milking stools is currently hosted by Swissnex gallery on Montgomery Street, in San Francisco.

The milking-stool exhibition was conceived in 2002: renowned designers, collaborators with the Industrial Design section of the University of Art and Design Lausanne, as well as several of its students, were asked to revisit the the traditional Swiss milking stool. This group exhibition has been hugely successful since then, relentlessly touring through Europe, and now the USA.

Among my favourites:

The stool with a built-in corkscrew as a base.
This one is a Sony Playstation as the stool’s seat with a controller attached:
Next stop of the milking-stools will be at at Vitra in their Santa Monica showroom, on October 5th-15th.

From SFGate, via Core77.