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0reblogohu.jpgNo fancy trip! Just blogging from my kitchen in sunny Turin and it's the first time i've ever been excited at the idea:

I'll spend the week re-blogging for eyebeam which has always been one of my favourite source of information. Hopefully i'm not going to spoil the place.

Surprisingly the Village (Turin, a surreal place i can't escape) is going to be slightly more animated than its shroud for a change: Luci d'Artista are illuminating the Winter since yesterday so we'll be out in the cold making tons of pictures again. Todo will be showing Face2Face2Face at Club To Club, the electronic music and arts festival. On the 9th, they'll have us play with ONEWORD, a social, SMS-based display of crowd moods and feelings at AB+ club.

On Thursday there's a new exhibition dedicated to contemporary art from Korea, China and Japan opening at the Fondazione Re Rebaudengo, Allooksame/Tutttuguale.


Finally i'm counting the days to Artissima, an "international" contemporary art fair which is usually good fun. Artissima kicks off on Friday at the Lingotto. The place, an ex-Fiat's car factory, has been revamped by Renzo Piano and you might have seen its rooftop test track in the getaway sequence of The Italian Job.

That's just one week, ok? After that be sure that i'll resume my attempts to get away from this place!

First of all, i set up a del.icio.us/calls_and_events where i'll archive all the calls for projects, papers and announcements of grants, festivals, conferences and workshops worth your attention. It's not perfect but i hope to find something better soon (i'd like something really fuss-free, even applications like upcoming steal too much of my time.) I'll keep the Site/call of the moment space on the homepage.

If you want to let me know about an event you're organising, just tag the link with for:regine or for:calls_and_events on del.icio.us. Same goes for any project you're working on or seen around.

Tadaaa! Konomi, Sascha, Peder and I have finally put our bios online.

On Tuesday, i'm off for the week so expect super slow updates.


I'm heading to Venezia to visit the Biennale of Architecture and pick up a Cat Brick. I'll hopefully manage not to cancel by mistake all the photos i take there like a i did two years ago (losing the pictures from the Japanese pavilion, dedicated to the otaku culture was such a blow).

Then i'll be in Ljubljana for the festival of Interactivity (that's a free translation from slovenian!?!) curated by Vuk Cosic. And look, look! here's a few lines that resume perfectly what my talk will be about. Paolo from Molleindustria and Mark Hurst will also be there.


Just after that i'll be in Rotterdam for CREATIVITY 2.0 Second Chinese Bloggers Conference. The conference is in Hangzou but i'll speak live and online with them from V2_Institute for the Unstable Media. Not that i know much about blogs in China, i've been invited to present my experience as a blogger who writes about art&tech.

Great! just figured out that the other panelists for the Chinese bloggers conference will include two guys i know: Xu and software engineer and new media artist Kuan Huang. Also in the programme: Zhang Qing from the Shanghai Biennale and Gino Yu

I'm leaving soon for Amsterdam to give a talk at PicNic. The programme of the conference is amazing. There will be super stars like Dan Gillmor and Craig Newmark, but the presentations i am really looking forward to hear are by Philip Rosedale, Founder of Linden Lab/Second Life, Sampo Karjalainen from Habbo Hotel, blogjector Julian Bleecker, Soh-Yeong Roh, Director of the Art Center Nabi in South Korea, John Thackara from Doors of Perception and Michael Naimark. I suspect i ended up in this Almanach de Gotha by mistake but i'm not going to complain. So thanks a lot to Monique van Dusseldorp for the invitation. There are also tons of satellite events and an evening with Peter Greenaway as a VJ but, please, stay away from that performance cuz I'd rather be alone in the room to worship my favourite film director.


Right after that, i'll be in Paris to hook up with Jean-Baptiste and check the festival Emergences which focuses on game culture this year. It's at La Vilette on Sept. 29 till Oct. 1.

Then back home for a couple of days and on the road again to attend and imagine the 2026 World Fair at Ci'Num - The Digital Civilizations Forum on October 5-7. It's in Margaux, near Bordeaux, so i guess i'll spend most of the time horrifying the French by informing them that i don't like wine, i can't eat cheese and i'd rather not be in the same room as a piece of cooked meat.

I'll further contribute to global warming and i'm not proud of it. I'm leaving New York tonight for Switzerland to review the works of design students at the Ecole Cantonale d'Arts de Lausanne (another dwarfing website, enjoy!) The blog will thus be quiet again. So i'll leave you with some good read (i think): an interview of Tom Igoe. I had a great time on Friday at the ITP, visiting and talking with the students. Hope to be back there for one of your shows guys!

0expiojklm.jpgThe blog might be a bit quiet until tomorrow. I'm off to New York for the Conflux Festival, headquartered at the McCaig-Welles Gallery in Brooklyn. The programme is packed with great projects to make us walk, bike, play, pause and discover so please, please come and join the fun.

Events kick off at 10am on Thursday the 14th, and the opening reception starts at 9pm at Supreme Trading in Williamsburg with the all-female DJ lineup!: DJ3 and Essexy. Thanks Christina for the invitation.

But before landing in New York, i'll be enjoying 6 1/2 magic hours (actually more than that as i flight via Munich.) 6 1/2 Magic Hours tells about the comfort and delight of transatlantic air travel at the beginning of the jet age. It's a 1958 movie and i find it hard to swallow that 50 years after the shooting of this delightful film, it still takes 6 1/2 to cross the ocean.

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