0tempsdimages.jpgLast week i visited a superb art venue just outside Paris: La Ferme du Buisson. Each year in October they organize an art festival called Temps d'Images.

For the 2007 edition they want to spread out of their walls and invade public space. They've asked me to curate a show of guerilla art installations and performances (interactive or not) that would engage with and re-appropriate the urban space.

The spaces to conquer are outside the Ferme du Buisson:
RER stations, bus and bus stops, shopping centers, parking lots, etc. Any places where the attention of passersby can be called to aspects of their everyday urban environment they might overlook or just ignore. The projects would inhabit the city without requiring any special permit.

As Temps d'Images is a European network some of the pieces would travel to other countries: Italy, Poland, Portugal, Canada, Estonia, etc.

There's a decent budget so you should be able to work in good conditions.

Plus, they are also looking for an artist who could come and see the Ferme du Buisson then head to Poitiers in April to head a workshop and help students create urban projects which might be part of the festival.

If you have any work either from France or any other country to suggest or need more detail, just drop me a line (yes, you can write me in french, it's my mother language, remember?) or post a comment here. Deadline is like... soon: mid-April.

Image from last year's edition of the festival: EXHIBIT A4206 / Stolen Property - Howard Katz / Yoann Trellu / Felix Zopf.

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This month the blog is turning 3, many things have happened since 2004 and i sometimes walk in the street and think that i'm the luckiest blogger in the galaxy. I'm still not really making a living of it though, but here comes Federated Media to the rescue! They will "connect" me with marketers and to ensure that my blog will be plastered with interesting ads (don't know how to put it really), here's a little survey and it would be very very kind of you, dear friends and readers, to waste a few minutes on it.

0aaaprrr.jpgI'm going to Paris for a couple of days then to Lyon. In Paris i plan to visit the Ferme Du Buisson, run from one exhibition to the other, buy tons of yummy food and spend every single evening at the Palais de Tokyo. In Lyon, i'll be part of a panel about digital culture. It will take place on March 1 at the Bibliothèque Municipale. Looking forward to meet the other participants. Any cool exhibition i shouldn't miss in Lyon?


0aliftt7.jpgI'm going to Geneva for the LIFT Conference. The programme is really amazing and the novelty for me is that instead of blabbing about what artists do and think, i'll just have a discussion with one of my favourite artists: France Cadet. We'll be talking biotech, bioart, robots suffering from Mad Cow Disease, and pigs with wings.

After that Sascha and i will be at the Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne. He's showing his Button camera at the exhibition All Photographers Now and we're both taking part to a panel about images and digital culture on Saturday 10.

Looking forward to catch up with everyone and speak french.

0mikroroooi.jpgTime for me to change scenery as this blog is slowly turning into we-make-money-not-berlin. Unless i don't wake up on time to catch the plane which is scheduled at f... 6.30 a.m, i'll be in Turin tomorrow to visit the dentist and give a talk at the Piemonte Share festival. The theme this year is Digital Affinity/Communities Now. There are some cool works in the exhibition such as the Mikro Orchestra Project, Amazon-noir, Sensity, The Analog Color Field Computer, Shockbot Corejulio, etc.

The event will kick off with a performance of Human-browser by Christophe Bruno and a concert of Mikro Orchestra Project (image on the left.)

Highlights from the conference include Simon Goldin & Jakob Senneby talking about The Port, the community driven space inside Second Life; Bruce Sterling wowing the audience and giving a hard time to translators, Alexis Rondeau presenting semapedia, Fabio Franchino discussing generative art, Paolo Pedercini embodying the Molle Industria, don't skip the talks of new media art gurus Geert Lovink and Alessandro Ludovico, nor those of art critiques and curators Luca Barbeni and Domenico Quaranta.

I'm going to miss most of that because 1). the whole nation hates me 2). i'll be in London where the students of RCA Design Interactions are having a Work in Progress Show on January 24-31.

Also looking forward to check out Miltos Manetas's internet paintings at Blow de la Barra gallery. 0miltosmanetas.jpg

One canvas is bright as in "On" and the other dark as in "Off". Their surface is like the Internet: ever-changing. Manetas updates them regularly by painting new websites, one over the other. Some websites disappear under a newly painted one, some others return to the paintings. They are also "interactive": you can suggest websites by sending an email to paint at internetpaintings dot com.

0detroitt2.jpgI'm going to spend a couple of days in Weimar to give a talk at the Bauhaus University and meet the students of Christine Hill and Andy Polaine. Because of all the cool names i've just managed to squeeze into just one sentence, i'm very looking forward to being there and i'm not sure i'll be able to update the blog much. But, hey, here's something fairly unrelated to have fun with in the meantime:

"Scientist" and "Satellites" by electro and Detroit musician Arpanet aka Dopplereffekt, Japanese Telecom, Der Zyklus, and other pseudonyms.

Via eyebeam reblog < Tom Moody.

More Detroi-ness with High Tech Soul. Watching an endless stream of interview snippets is a bit of a brain strain but there's some nice moments in this movie that documents the deep roots of techno music alongside the cultural history of its birthplace (on google video)
Via Everyone/forever.

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