In arab, Fadaiat means "through spaces", but also satellite dish and space ship.

Today and tomorrow, in Tarifa (Andalusia) and Tangiers (Morroco) will be created a "no border temporary media lab" to build a poetic virtual bridge over the Gibraltar Strait.
The double event is supported by collective and individuals active in the fields of art, multimedia, communication and grass-root social movements.


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Cable company Comcast Corp. has paired up with Hurrydate, a dating service, to offer video dating profiles to its customers.

Hurrydate will host three socials at which singles can make three- to five-minute videos that will be offered locally to video-on-demand subscribers.

"Dating on Demand" should fill theComcast's need for content and attract younger customers to its video-on-demand service.
It will be tested in Philadelphia in the next few weeks.
From The Associated Press, via The Social Software Weblog.

On July 22 and 23, UC-Berkeley will host BlogOn: The Business of Social Media to discuss about blogs, social networks, RSS readers, syndication and other tools of social media that are creating powerful new business opportunities.

There are discounts for the first 50 qualified bloggers ($149—a savings of nearly $350) and also scholarships for students and "economically-disadvantaged bloggers."

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The sexy entry of the week... to increase traffic on the blog.

Red Light World mixes The Sims, and Amsterdam's red-light district.

New members create an avatar and then stroll through the streets of the 3-D virtual (in)famous quarter. Along the way, they can have a peek in its XXX movie theaters, Viagra outlets, sex toy shops or drool over the ladies behind the windows.

But you can also bump into sexy (hopefully) singles and start a conversation about the functionnalities of plastic vibrators.

Red Light World is made up of a large number of online porn sites cobbled together: when a user walks into one of the movie theaters and choose a screen to watch a film, the service launches a website with hard- or softcore movies. Similarly, clicking to see the women behind the windows opens up third-party porn sites that charge extra for their content.


From Wired.

Still to laucnh officially, "A Small World" is an exclusive social network currently composed of some 2,800 well-bred members.

They can meet electronically and exchange advice about crucial issues such as "Is there any private jet service for sending dogs to Europe that won't be too stressful to my dogs and me?" and get post from member informing that there is the "Pet Jet" service that perfectly fits this query.

To be introduced in the highly-civilized club, members have to acknowledge you first as a "friend".

As the journalist of the Times wonders "Will there be a time when every gentleman has his real club and his equally exclusive club?"


Read on The Sunday Times, News Review section, page 5, Sunday 13th June.

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