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A new species of flatworm that fences with its penis has just been discovered in the waters of Botany Bay.

The Imogine lateotentare is a member of a group of predators commonly known as oyster leeches.


Emma Johnston and her colleagues, Ka-Man Lee and Michel Beal at the University of NSW, said that although they were one of the simplest organisms known, their behaviour was quite complex.

"They squirm around these communities [of creatures which live on hard surfaces and cannot move] and attack the barnacles. They squirt digestive juices into them and suck their flesh out."

Less than two centimetres long the new flatworms are hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female parts. To reproduce they try to stab each other with their genitals (check the video.) The first to penetrate inserts sperm and then goes on to spar with another flatworm, while the "loser" lays and broods the eggs.

Despite this rather cruel love making, the flatworms are also the simplest animals in the world showing parental care.

"They sit over the top of the eggs, aerate and protect them from predators. For a species so low on the evolutionary tree that's very sophisticated behaviour."

Via Collision Detection < Sydney Morning Herald.

Queer Music Heritage is a radio show and a website. The goal of both is to preserve and share the music of G&L culture. With sections dedicated to Gay musicals, gay marriage songs, mp3 of Camp Record the most outrageous (and queerest) record label of the 60s, an impressive collection of photos of female impersonation and drag artists, etc.


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It's two-way torment for Susan as Barbara twists her arm agonizingly behind her back while trying to tear her golden hair from her scalp. Barbara keeps applying the pressure while Susan desperately attempts to struggle free from her outraged captor.


Archive of apartment wrestling images from the 70's and 80's.

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