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Bring me home, please

The Influencers is a Barcelona-based event which explores controversial forms of art and communication guerrilla, presenting independent projects that play with global popular culture, infiltrate the mass media, and transform fashions, consumption and technological fetishism.

One of Paglen's patches

It was one of the very few conferences i shouldn't have missed this year. Well... i did. But life has its little consolations and the videos of The Influencers have just found their way online. Most of them at least, the missing ones will be there in the next few days. In the meantime, hurray! There is Trevor Paglen (video) and Brody Condon (video). There's also wondrous Santiago Cirugeda (video), he speaks in spanish and one day, maybe one day, i will translate his talk and publish the text here.

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Hi! grat web. Very interesting, funny and excelent information.

Robert Vandenbego

Thanks for sharing those videos.

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