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Bring me home, please

This is the way i was playing pacman aaages ago and i never went beyond that cardboard point. Yosuke Ueno's version of Mario is just my kind of video game too.

beginning The Great Adventure

Via las insolitas aventuras del pez.

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Also check out
Gallery 1988

A SF Gallery devoted to re-imagining of 1980's / Video Game pop culture as traditional art. Pretty sweet! And, any gallery run by a former rapper named "Hot Karl" (look it up :P ) is awesome.

And you know what? WMMNA is also awesome. In fact, big shiny "Awesomeness' awards for all.

kyle clements

If this interests you, there is a book out called "I am 8-bit: art inspired by classic videogames of the 80's" by Jon M. Gibson, and it is filled with similar artwork. you might want to check it out next time you wander through a book store.

I am very happy that the cultural relevance of videogames is finally being acknowledged.

I like it :D
I love Mario...

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