Wandering the streets of Medellin

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Bring me home, please

I'm in Medellin for Pixelazo (workshop with Alejandro and a talk this afternoon.) I've always been totally immune to any fascination for the exotic. I just love Europe e basta. Until i arrived here. Colombia rulz! It is amazingly beautiful and crazy.

Art-wise, the place is not half-bad either.

Gabriel Zea, Andres Burbano, Camilo Martinez and Alejandro Duque are walking Derive-style the streets of Medellin with their BereBere project.


Inpired by the mimoSa project, BereBere is a mobile apparatus equipped with videos and audio sytems for streaming, sensors (CO2 emission, electrosmog, wireless networks, temperature, etc) to monitor the state of the city and GPS instruments to map these data. BereBere uses only open technologies (both software and hardware) and its members wander through the streets inviting passersby (especially those who might not have access to these technologies) to participate to the creation of contents but also to its discussion and diffusion.

They collect, archive and create visual and audio maps that represent an artistic and experimental portraits of the communities.

Image nicked here.

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Carolina Vallejo

Another similar project is BurnStation by Platoniq, the spanish collective (with one colombian member: Ignacio García) That project was also in Medellín last year and won a prize at Transmediale 2005 or 2006, can't remember: http://www.platoniq.net/burnstation/

Beginning to get really interested in this kind of project. thanks for the post.

fyi: seems your links to gabriel zea, camilo martinez and alejandro duque got pointed to burbano's site

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