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Bring me home, please

I've been tagged by Josephine Fraser and Nikola Tosic.

The rules: i have to blog about 5 things that people wouldn't necessarily know about me, and then in turn tag 5 other people.

1. There's a sticker on many of the objects in my flat. I'm trying to learn german. So there's "der Schreibtisch" on my desk, "der Dosenoeffner" on the tin opener, etc. I still have to figure out how to put these words together and make a sentence but at least my vocabulary is improving.
2. I'm quite obsessed with Dolores. It's on Rosa Luxemburg Strasse in Berlin. I go and eat something there nearly everyday.
3. I know a lot about strange sea creatures. When i was living in Luarca i spent hours at the CEPESMA.
4. I wish i could speak english with a Scottish accent.
5. I spend too much time reading crime stories, Minette Walters, Ian Rankin, P.D. James.

The five people i'm tagging:

André from the Directors Lounge, Vasili, Emily, Ann and Nicolas (if he ever finds the time now LIFT is getting nearer.)

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Oh, but Regine, I tagged you back in December! The proof in the pudding:


hey, i had no idea about that. did you send me an email to tell me about it?

WTF! Have you lived in Luarca!!?? Spanish North Coast is one of the more beautiful places in Europe. (Well, I'm not very impartial. I used to live there...)


allow me to disagree with you. the Spanish North Coast is THE most beautiful place in the world ;-)

Shiver my timbers! I'm trying to learn German too!

I can say: Ein Bier, und schnell ein bisschen!

(If you want to learn a Scottish accent, I suggest listening to Arab Strap.)

You don´t know what you asked for :)

Having lived at Luarca and worked at CEPESMA you MUST have read THAT book (Kraken, from L.M. Ariza).
Saludos desde Madrid y enhorabuena por el blog. I've tagged you in my (see my blog) ;)

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