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Bring me home, please

I was planning to write a review of Spectacular City, the exhibition i saw at the Netherlands Institute of Architecture a few days ago but posting it in small bits better suits my current sloppiness. Each day i'll write something about a photography i've discovered while visiting the exhibition.

The 100 or so large-scale (up to nine meters in width) photographies exhibited at the NAI capture, construct, isolate or manipulate saturated urban landscapes, iconic buildings, eerie views and deserted interiors. Most of them barely leave space for humanity, and in every case one can only pity the living creatures that pass through these areas. The visit felt like a real-life trip to BLDGblog.


The image for today is the Ministry of Transportation. Shot in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, the photography brings out the conflict between a symbol of progress and its current state of decay.

By Antwerp-based photographer Geert Joiris.

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I hope that's a good thing...?


the exhibition was superb! so i guess you can take that as a compliment ;-)


I wonder if it inspired the DMV in Goshen, New York (really the Gov't building, but it houses the DMV)

This is incredible - although it's hard to establish the context and situation from a single photo; are there any others?

Wonder what it was like to work there...

Sortie Seulement

Aww, they just ripped off the idea from Habitat '67 at the Montreal world's fair (Expo 67).

Justin Lowel

What a fantastic, interesting piece of Architecture. I just don't get how it came about in the Soviet era.

Joseph Kinyon

This photo captures the real juxtaposition you feel when you stand at this building. I used to run by it on my way to exercising at the Hippodrome. When you see it you can only marvel at its boldness and massing, however regular electricity shutdowns and decaying Soviet era concrete make the whole thing now feel like a Space Shuttle made of brick. There are other amazing modern style buildings in Tiblisi whose images never usually make it to the "west", (e.g.the University). Throughout the country there were several industrial and monumental assets that looked like a slow motion train wreck-- a huge cultural momentum running out of track and grinding to a halt in the earth.

Marcelo Glenadel

If you want to see poorly designed, non adequate-for-human-occupation or abandoned buildings, come to Brazil, where a megalomaniacal regime, misdirected modernist architects and an utter disregard for the res publica joined forces(?) to create some of the most horrible examples of architecture built to be abandoned.

Hi! I did a bit of research and now there is a article about this building on Wikipedia, see or
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