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Bring me home, please

This morning Michael DelGaudio and Mike Bukhin presented their Waymarkr project at Conflux HQ.

Mike Bukhin and Michael DelGaudio

WayMark gives users an alternative perspective on their daily interactions by documenting continuously and effortlessly their life. All you have to do is install the Waymarkr software on your Internet enabled Series 60 mobile phone. Once the software is enabled, your phone will continously take photographs of your events and perspectives. All photographs are sent to a remote server so your phone never runs out of space. You can then login to the Waymarkr web site, annotate and share your photos, see stop motion movies of your captured event and map out where your images were taken. You can also see other user's photos that were taken at the same time and place as yours.


The idea is to get to see what's in front of us: beautiful things, actions or events to which we haven't paid attention. This constant snapping gives another perspective on our life: is it really me? Do i really spend that much time in front of the computer? Nothing is edited. The camera phone should be worn in a pouch around the neck or at shoulder level to get a better perspective. Users don't have to do anything, they don't even have to decide when to shoot, they should only wear their phonecamera and the system will do the rest. There's the option to set the device on night mode or to decide when a certain set of images should be kept private.

I'm looking forward to be back in Europe and test it. Btw, it's a beta version and DelGaudio and Bukhin still need people to test WayMarkr out of the US.

Inspired by Steve Mann.
Check also Mann's Glogger project, "a web service and program that allows people to instantaneously share content from their camera phones or manually from their digital camera."

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Very cool - a bit like the 6minute project :) Are we going to see geo-tagging of these photos so you could potentially see if anyone else has been looking at the same things as you have ?


re: your blog post, we support a number of phones. to see them, go here:


Nice idea! Lyndsay Williams, from the Microsoft Research lab in Cambridge, also did some good work in this area. See


and How to save your life:


Somebody should invent TrackBacks ;-)


Nokia is also working on something smiliar, a mobile web server to run on their phones: a user could then access to a phone content(s) via a web browser...


Lou Dembrow

I am willing to experiencing first hand anything that opens the doors of perception. If we mounted on our bodies, random picture taking cell phones, would every thing appear to us as it is? Would we become more aware? find more meaning? change?

Tanya Renee

I've had the pleasure of meeting Mike Bukhin and, I think he's idea is revolutionary. You will basically see all of the things of your normal day that you have not noticed ever before. Talk about awareness!

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