Detroit. Demolition. Disneyland.

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Bring me home, please

In Detroit, large numbers of buildings and homes have been abandoned and many have been torn down or have fallen down and cleared away. Yet many vacant buildings remain in various states of decay.

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An anonymous group calling themselves the DDD Project (Detroit. Demolition. Disneyland.) is marking abandoned structures with a coat of Tiggeriffic Orange paint, creating highlights within a context of depression.

Each of these houses serves within the greater visual and social landscape of the city. If the city doesn't rebuild, will it be better to have nothing there rather than an abandoned house? In addition, each of these houses served as a shelter for the homeless at some point in time. Now there are, at least, two less houses for them. Why didn't the city simply choose to renovate? Everything affects not only our experience now, but also that of the next generation.

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Check a blue and "clean" version: Beukelsblue.

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I'm trying to get in touch with these people for a documentary, an ambious college student's film making class project.

can anyone help?

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