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The SleepingBagDress prototype, that Ana Rewakowicz developed during the Tension workshop at foam, is a multipurpose inflatable dress that through inflation can change and adapt to different situations and environments. You wear it as a dress in the day and inflate it to make yourself a sleeping bag when night has come. The artist's concept evolves around the idea of clothing as portable architecture and brings our individual needs to the basic, everyday experience of survival and "you never know WEAR?" situations.


One of her previous work is Uniblow Outfits , two inflatable outfits made from rubber latex and shoe-pumps. When the wearer walked around, the clothes inflated themselves.


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Top image: the SleepingBagDress is a self-inflating garment/portable housing unit designed by Ana Rewakowicz. Wear it as a dress by day, inflate it as a sleeping bag when night falls. Bottom image: one of Rewakowicz' previous works is the Uniblow Outf... Read More

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So cool!

I'm interested in making a small inflatable puppet that I can inflate in my hand at the close of a show. Would one of your shoe-pumps be a way to inflate it? Could you let me know where I can find one for sale? And the fabric you used?



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