Artificial muscle that works like fingers

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A group of Kyoto researchers has developed what is probably the world's smallest artificial muscle, capable of holding objects like real fingers do. The human-like material was created by Nobutaka Tsujiuchi, at Doshisha University, and software development company Squse.

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"The part of the artificial muscle enclosing a controlling device is made of a natural rubber measuring 0.5 centimeter in diameter and 3 cm in length. The artificial muscle, which is about the same size as the real muscle found in human fingers, is wrapped in a polyester net and comes with a compressor about the size of a syringe."

Via Japan Today.

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I dont want to disappoint the professor, but I applied for a patent on the very same idea about 15 years ago. The patent failed I subsequently found out that it was invented way back in the 1920s . . .

Maybe the professor has been watching the film I-Robot , where you can see all the droids are powered by exactly the same muscle device . . .

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