Prisoners Inventions, from tattoo gun to toilet paper chess set

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In 2001, on the request of Temporary Services , Angelo, an American incarcerated artist, wrote "Prisoners' Inventions", some 110 pages of drawings and writings about the many ingenious, necessary, and sometimes bizarre things prisoners have to invent to soothe their daily life.

He collected everything from Papier Mache Dice, Tattoo Gun (pictured below), Sanctuary (lighter hidden in a bible), Muff Bag (Homemade sex doll), to cooking methods for making a sausage sauce with light fixtures.


During the Transmediale festival in Berlin, an exhibition will show enlarged type-set facsimiles of Angelo's illustrations and a selection of copies of the objects. Temporary Service will also talk about the lack of access prisoners have to computers, the internet or most things digital. Angelo has never seen the internet.

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does any body have more pictures of tattoo guns that prisoners have made


This is what my fucken tax money is going to??? All these fucken people can't read or write but know how to make a fucken lighter in there spare time??? Give me a fucken break. Anyways the lighter works and my cig is lit now thanx debo. Cell block 6A in county.


Bradda trav

wassup..well i jus got da list ov things to make a gun...well i have a tat but i want to make other peoples one...were do u get da indian ink from....well im really good at drawing so ya...well i jus need da directions how to put it together...if any body knows let me no...shopots....bradda


hey can you send me some wicked pics of the tatto gun?

Ink can be made out of almost any type of ash, the darker the better! Also some of the grindings from a graphite pencil mixed in a little spit from the guy getting the tat might help! Just make sure it's clean before you start and they don't bleed on ya! Ash is one of the oldest pigments used to make tattoo's in cultures all over the world! I am just starting out with my first PRO GUN SET-UP! Now things should get fun! Best of luck and hold on in there! Peace to you and all you love!

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